Speaking of pretty, Vanessa and Luis were a pretty awesome couple to work with! They were so willing to get that perfect shot. Sure the had some falls… ok, they had lots of falls, but those low tides can get narly haha! They quickly realized it was not as easy as it looks, yet that didn’t deter them from enjoying the session and each other. It’s pointless of getting aggravated with the tides, instead HAVE FUN! You’re going to get wet, so why try to stay dry? After a couple of falls and me cutting myself, we prevailed and got awesome pictures!! Yes, yes I know thank you *bows*. Because they were able to have a “go with it” attitude (since the only other option would be to control the tides), the sparks between them started to fly. This made my job all the more rewarding. Looking through their photos you would not have even though of the type of brutality we endured haha! That is how awesome they are! They were so prepared-clothes, shoes, undergarments, even a hose. COME ON! I need to be a quarter of prepared as they were! They were awesome!

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