One Shot to Get it Right...Or Not?

        EEEKKK!! Your wedding day is approaching!! Alright ladies, breathe it in. Soon all the Pinterest saves and magazine clippings are gonna come to life right before your very eyes. What could be more exciting and stressful at the same time?!

        Now lean in because I’m about to drop some very important and free advice. Whether you choose me to be your photographer or not, you should schedule a session PRIOR to your wedding day. This is very important. I like to personally have that one on one time with my clients to answer any questions and help put their minds at ease before the big day. Now, I know this doesn’t seem paramount, but you don’t want to be anxious the night before your wedding for simple issues, do you? So let’s just promise each other that you’ll schedule a session prior to your wedding. 🙂

        Not only does the session put you at ease, but It helps me understand you and your fiance better. I’m able to get a feel for your personalities, which allows me to read you better on your wedding day. This makes it easier for me to adapt quickly to an occurrence to help you better. 

        Now to the pictures… Ah, pictures. There really is a science behind it. In your session prior to the wedding, we can also work on some poses, that will help the wedding pictures flow more smoothly. Meaning, you and your new hubby (or wifey) can get back to partying sooner! Oh yeah and eating too, don’t forget that one. I hear it’s kinda important haha.



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