What Are My Options?

        Good day to all,

        I hope everyone is getting on amazingly well. This month has been hectic, but a memorable one for us. My husband and I recently purchased our first house!! It’s such an exciting time in the Greer house right now. Our main focus has been getting used to all this new space as well as installing all the necessities.

        Whether it comes to installing the TV, going about maintaining the front lawn (which I am absolutely in love with) or deciding where specific items go, we have been bombarded with all the different options. Moving from an apartment to a house is freeing but intimidating at the same time. We no longer have restrictions on what can be done to our own place, we have the freedom to do whatever. Also scary because this means our landlord is no longer to blame for our place looking unimaginative lol.


        Similarly to our situation, when you book your photo shoot with me the possibilities are endless. You have complete say as to how your photos come out as well as where your photos get taken. So when it comes to the location I’m sure you’re asking, “what are my options,” I’m glad you asked.

        Typically most of my clients opt for the beach sunset photos but don’t let that fool you. You can have your photos surrounded by lush green vegetation… even in California, just let me work my magic.

        I’ve taken my client’s photos in the mountains, on the beach, carnivals and even laundromats! I’m here to give you your dream photos. Let me know your ideas and your expectations for the photos and I’ll make them come to life.



        What Did Ya Think?

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