Cabo San Lucas, MX Wedding- Lizabeth + Joshua

July 24th! That day holds a very special place in my heart. July 24th, 5 years ago we got married in the courthouse. July 24th this year we had a small ceremony. We chose to have an elopement style wedding because we are very private people. We are also not in a position to invite people due to family differences. We felt as if our wedding is a very special thing, so why bring people who would bring bad energy. We wanted the day to be about us, and our love, nothing more or less. I am sure everyone can relate to that. We felt to keep it sacred and about us-it was best to have just us. The day was very emotional for me. I still get nervous around Josh even when he’s just around me. So I knew something as far as vows and first looks would make me so nervous. My goal for the night was to embrace the moment. In Cabo, we had been waking up early to try and fit as much in a day. The day of the wedding, we slept in which was nice. We wanted the day to be as natural and relaxed as possible. We woke up, had lunch at this cute place in town. We stayed away from all the tourist areas just because we wanted to get the true experience of Cabo. Our food was so filling that we ended up taking some back to the hotel. After that we were able to relax and talk about random things. Soon after we had to start preparing for the ceremony. The makeup guy, Diego, was so sweet and did my makeup exactly like I wanted. I am not much of a makeup person so I wanted it a bit dramatic just because I know if I went super natural it would not show up in photos. I feel at this time, it still didn’t hit me that we were having a wedding. When it really started to hit me was when I put on my dress. I had to wear a shower cap throughout that time just to keep my hair from frizzing with all of Mexico’s humidity. We decided to get married on Divorce Beach- I know what you’re thinking. WHY? The beach was the one I envisioned in my head. All of Cabo’s beaches are nice, but not THAT nice. It is called Divorce Beach because the waters met there and create the CRAZIEST waves, I mean crazier than Hawaii’s. I also kinda felt it described us perfectly, no one ever goes to that beach because of how crazy it is. I like to think we always go against the grain of most people. I truly know in my soul that the love I have with Josh is a once in a lifetime type of love that some people won’t understand. I mean isn’t that the definition of love anyway? Someone to be with that you feel no one but you two could understand. Divorce Beach was perfect and exactly how I envisioned it. The first look was the hardest part for me. This is where I felt like, “oh man this is happening.” We chose to hold hands facing opposite ways then turn on the count. It took me about 2 whole minutes to actually turn. I was so freaking nervous and I had no idea why haha. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Once I got the courage to turn around it was kinda like that girly feeling you get. I couldn’t stop smiling and moving, I was so nervous. Josh at this point was crying. I think my nerves got more of me than anything. But hey, it’s how I felt in the moment. The vows were my favorite part. I feel that it is mostly the reason I wanted to have a wedding. These feelings and creating the life we have over the past 7 years together needed to be documented. I want my kids to look back at our life before them and know that they came from a place of love. It is very important to me that my kids know how much we love one another. That is one thing that I love about Josh, everything we do-our choices -are for our kids. Whether here or not, WE feel setting them up with healthy foundation is key. Overall, I was very happy with how everything went. I will always remember the night as one I got to live in for the moment.

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