Del Mar Beach, CA Baby Announcement- Leah + Ethan

Congrats to Leah and Ethan who are expecting their first child! I have known Leah for a year now and our hubbies actually met on deployment together. Once Josh was getting out of the Marine Corps we invited them over to our house for his end of enlistment party and quickly became friends! I love having them as friends because they are the sweetest ever. They have a little doggie too and how perfect to include her in these photos as a big sister! Leah should be finding out soon if she’s having a girl or boy! They both want/think it’s a girl, but I think its a girl! HAHA! Mom’s do have good intuition though so who knows! I am excited because we are friends, so now I have a baby to hang out with haha! Josh and I are throwing them their gender reveal!! If you have any ideas on what cool ways to announce it, let me know!! Congrats Leah and Ethan on your baby!! It’s going to be the cutest, gentle-hearted one ever!

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