Gaslamp, CA Portraits- Kristine + Greg

Kristine has become a very dear friend of mine. She inquired back with me in February which is hard to believe it has been that long. She scheduled a shoot for early summer but we ended up moving it to this past weekend. Kristine said she immediately felt connected with me and my work which is why I think our friendship took off. We hit it off right away. She inspired me to push through and rebrand my site for the better. She made me rethink what I really want from my business which was to get closer to clients and make them know how valuable they are to me. I wanted all my clients to feel their importance to me. I know God brought her to me! She is the sweetest person ever and so thoughtful. For my birthday she got me a gift and I appreciated it so much. She reads all my blogs and gives me amazing feedback. She is the definition of a true friend. A few weeks ago we started a devotional together and although it’s been hard with our schedules to do it everyday it is nice to have a friend who wants me to be the best version of myself I can be. Most of my blogs are about how the couples are but I can’t help but write what Kristine has done for my life. Girl you are amazing and anyone who knows you is a lucky person!! Our shoot was such a blast, besides them looking bomb- I was glad we were able to do a shoot more in their elements. Greg is in the Navy and stationed here in San Diego, and Kristine is located in the Bay Area. Even with the long distance it is great to see how well they still love one another. We took some butt pics and got tacos after this! If that’s not the best way to end a shoot I don’t know what is. Kristine and Greg- I can’t wait to see you guys soon!!

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