Joshua Tree, CA Engagements- Ariana + Michael

Ariana and Michael are the coolest people I have met! Super down to Earth and down for anything!! I am very lucky to be able to photograph their wedding. Engagements are obviously a must and what better place to do them than Joshua Tree? These two had me dying the whole time and even though we dodged a bullet with a rattle snake, I had an adventurous evening! Her makeup was so BOMB! Ari’s friend was able to doll her up for our pics. The day we went it was 92 degrees out but it was actually super cool. I am a sweat-er so for me to not sweat is was COOL. They had brought some shots and took them for some pics!! Def excited about our taco date coming up! I respect these two for being down for anything and for giving me the honor of capturing their wedding day. I take this job serious with every client. Photos are the one thing that are forever lasting. A stopped memory, I do not want to miss capturing that for you. Ari and Michael- thank you for trusting me. I do not take this lightly and I want you to know you hold a special place in my heart. LET’S DO THIS!!

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