Lake Hodges, CA Portraits- Avery + David

Let’s give it up for first responders!!!! This is my favorite duo, I met Avery over social media (instagram), and we hit it off IMMEDIATELY! Avery is a Registered Nurse and David is a Police Officer. Together they have three kiddos and all so freaking adorable! They used my session as an excuse to get out of the house and enjoy a date night! They were the cutest together and literally so fun to be around. I feel the lake was perfect for their session, they were able to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around them. My favorite part is that Avery and David dressed so perfect that they’re now my “what to wear guide” inspo! The hat was just the cherry on top. I think this is my sixth session wearing rain boots to a session. I have been wearing them lately because all the places I’ve been hiking scratch my legs. SO luckily that at this shoot I was able to get into the lake for some shots. Those boots definitely came in handy! Today is actually David’s birthday! Happy Birthday David!! Hope you guys had a great day for celebrating.

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