Lake Hodges, CA Engagements- Ashley + Chris

YASSS!! This couple is as gorgeous and wild as they look! Ashley and Chris hold a special place in my heart for being the first one of my clients to decide on doing a steamy shoot! I have been dying to do one and comically, they were actually the ones to ask me if I would be willing to do a shoot like this! We had to do a small hike about 45 min to get to the top of the mountain with this amazing view. I was so shocked at how short the hike was. We got to bond more over the hike and I feel this help all of us. I was able to capture them more naturally and they were able to trust me with this shoot. I was able to find a hike that is kind of hidden so luckily we didn’t run into anyone during this shoot. It wasn’t until after they got completely dressed that a bicyclist passed, which gave us a lot of time to laugh at how close of a call that was. I think the thing I admired most about this shoot was how much they loved one another. They were some of the chillest/calmest people I have ever met. Super go-with-the-flow individuals and that made the session even better. Anyone that met them would know they were made for one another! I am excited to see where marriage takes these two!! They spent the day customizing their own wedding bands before our session and I can’t think of a better way to spend the day with your loved one!! These two are gonna have a very gorgeous wedding day in Moab!

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