L’Auberge Del Mar, CA Wedding- Emily + Ben

When I first met Emily it was over The Knot. It was about a month or less away from her wedding. This girl planned her whole wedding in a crazy short amount of time. Impressed is an understatement. She killed every single detail in her wedding and it was so gorgeous. I think this was one of most loving weddings I’ve done til this day. Her whole family contributed in a way that I admired so much. Ben and Emily are crazy blessed to have the families they have, and it is something they do not take for granted. Ben and Emily’s dad had built the gorgeous arch that they got married under. Every detail of her wedding was handmade by them or a family member. I tried to get every detail of her wedding so they could remember that forever. If there is something try to shove down brides’ throats, its to go with the flow. Emily and Josh (my husband) are a lot alike. They are time management people, and like to make sure everything is accounted for. I am the total opposite, I heavily rely on if its meant to be then it will be. Emily wanted the day to perfect which is 100% understandable, its your wedding day why would you not? I think the important thing is to be prepared that is it not going to go perfect, you are going to run behind, sometimes your makeup artist is going to need a bit more time than planned, sometimes you forgot your veil at home and someone has to drive to get it-things HAPPEN! But at the end of the day all that matters is you and your loved one. I was so glad Emily was able to put everything aside and focus on just her and Ben. I truly know these two were made for one another. The words they used were those of soulmates that God joined together.

Emily and Ben got married at L’Auberge Del Mar in Del Mar, and it was one of the most gorgeous venues ever. This venue had so much natural light and such great architecture along with great customer service. Emily and Ben decided to keep their wedding very intimate and invite very few people. After the getting ready shots we were able to move on to their prayer. They decided not to do a first look so during the prayer we did it on a corner where Ben would not be able to see Emily. Ben gave their marriage prayer and it was something all their family got to witness with me as well. I don’t think I have ever seen such a supportive family before. I was honored just to be with them throughout the night. They made me feel if I was also family. As a photographer, it is also about our experience and helping you have the best time ever. I can honestly say I did not have to do much work, love was all around it was so easy to capture.

As you can imagine, Ben did cry when seeing Emily. As did I, as did her whole family hahah. I think I cry every time because it’s just such a threshold that the bride and groom are crossing and it’s very intimate. My favorite part of the night was towards the end when all of the major events were done and Emily’s mom was dancing the night away haha. I love seeing the scenes of family included. I am also excited because Emily’s mom has a big ole bucket of avocados for me. If you know me you know I practically breathe avocados.

I would like to end with this. If you are a bride searching my page thinking of booking me, you WILL enjoy your night even if you are a time management psycho! I will make sure of it. I learned so much from Emily and Ben and some of which I am going to implement into my relationship. I love you guys and I am glad we are friends forever! See ya soon!! I already know you are gonna be together forever, so no need to wish you many years. Xxxoooo

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