Presidio Park, CA Gender Reveal- Marina + Zack

AHHH!! It is a GIRL!!…..wait or is it? Yup. You heard me right. It actually isn’t a girl. Marina and Zack are special to my heart. They have been taking images with me since I have started and were literally the first people to book me after I had a huge price adjustment to my pricing. I was unaware of their struggle with fertility until recently and I felt they were really brave to make it known. They had been trying for a child for a couple years with no luck. The stress wore on them and in turn once they stopped stressing-pregnancy was immediate pretty much. So for sure CONGRATS to the two of them on starting this journey together. I was so honored to do their gender reveal. We met at Presidio Park and started taking photos. I had the best time catching up with these two. Shortly after, about a week later- I received a text from Marina. They found out they were actually expecting a BOY! Hahaha how could that have been expected. I was so shocked but they were so over ecstatic about it being a boy as well. I feel like they are going to be great parents. They genuinely had the same reaction, they genuinely are just so grateful to be on this journey and that is something I admired. Congrats Marina and Zack!!

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