Ramona, CA Engagements- Alexa+ Rhys

Alexa and Rhys booked me about a year ago when I had first started photography! They hold a special place in my heart because they believed in me when I wasn’t sure how I would flourish in my photography. They are both from Australia and getting married here in San Diego next October. They came in September to visit the venue along with other vendors. During their visit, I was able to squeeze in their engagements. I quickly realized how lucky I was to get to photograph their wedding. They are so thoughtful of all vendors and super sweet! Their wedding has so many ways to show thanks to guests and I can always respect that. I have had weddings where they base it off the guests and although they are usually smaller weddings the love is greater than most weddings. It is very intimate and super genuine. It was a super last minute shoot we decided to do so they were super prepared but you don’t need fancy outfits to show love to one another, I just need you to show up! The moon was super bright that night and I was happy it made an appearance in the images. Guys, this was probably the most fit couple I have photographed. They legit live by the gym. Luckily I got a few pointers from them to implement into my routine. October 2020 can’t come soon enough!!! Thank you guys for trusting me when I first started, I won’t let you down!!

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