Ramona, CA Engagements- Ashley + Justin

Ashley and Justin are originally from Florida, but I was able to meet them while they were here on vacation. They get married this February so it was exciting to get to photograph their engagements. The prettiest sunset happened that night, the whole sky lit up orange with hints of pink and light blue. It was Ashley and Justin’s first photoshoot ever! I feel like those are always the best people to photograph because their emotions are super raw and in the moment. Most of the time when I have a repeated couple for a shoot, it takes a bit more work to get them to be surprised by posing. When its your first time you don’t expect anything crazy, so it is great to set that bar high! I was excited because I could tell they were nervous. I like to play a game and see how fast they do get comfortable. Normally people let me know when they aren’t sure how to pose or that they are awkward. LIES! They have no idea how fun a shoot actually is, I don’t force people to laugh. It is a genuine thing that takes time! Couples always think they will be awkward for the whole shoot but I can guarantee you will not be. I had a great time with these two and wish them so many years together! Congrats to you both!

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