Ramona, CA Engagements- Jasmine + Colin

I actually met Jasmine and Colin through my wedding advertising! They aren’t based in San Diego but are getting married down here. Colin works in Iraq and they do a long distance thing, it won’t last long though! These two were so made for one another its ridiculous! Colin was Jasmine’s cheerleader throughout all the images and posing. They both made it super easy to take these photos. I was able to take them to my favorite field in Ramona. I am in love with the colors of the sunset there and also the field of “lettuce”. I am not really sure if it is lettuce but it definitely fools me. Jasmine and Colin are getting married in 2020 and their venue is drop-dead-gorgeous. Every detail is so gorgeous including her dress! The images of her wedding day are going to be a DREAM! I am 100% sure that I laughed more in this session than they did, they were probably the funniest couple I’ve ever met. I am so grateful they are trusting me with their wedding next year.

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