Ramona, CA Engagements- Manuela + Jason

I met Manuela and Jason back at the beginning of this year! Jason was coming home from deployment and I was able to photograph that big milestone for them. There me and Manuela bonded over the best fast food ever- Chick-fil-A!! We met once again 2 weeks ago to do a regular couples shoot this time, and it was so fun!! We ended up seeing horses off in the distance and one they got closer, Manuela asked the riders if it was possible to take a photo! Luckily, the were super sweet about it and I was able to capture one for their gallery. I took them to shoot at my favorite field! Although we broke the rules a bit we still had fun and managed to get great shots. Josh ended up tagging along because after the shoot we went out to dinner. Manuela and Jason have definitely became friends to me and I’m excited because I know I have not seen the last of them! Until our next hang out guys, hopefully next time we can eat Chick-fil-A!

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