Santa Monica, CA Engagements- Lindsay + Ryan

I actually met Lindsay and Ryan while on a trip to Arizona! They showed me around this cute little chapel and old town. Probably the coolest town because it def gives off “Old Town Road” vibes. Fast forward three months later and we are meeting again, except this time its by me! They were doing a road trip going up the west coast to see iconic areas like Big Sur, Monterrey, and San Francisco. They were starting the trip in LA, so they traveled to LAX and headed off with a BANG at the Santa Monica Beach. They rented a camper van, which was totally a new idea to me. Josh and I have been wanting to road trip very soon and learning what/how camper vans work comes at a benefit. When I first saw them, I was SHOCKED at their camper van. It screamed Los Angeles! Huge, I’m talking HUGE, colorful horses everywhere. It reminded me of that childhood movie, “Spirit.” I feel there was no better van to describe how Los Angeles is. Shooting was natural! It was like if we all hadn’t had a day pass since our last meeting. We were able to shoot a bit in the van before moving more towards the beach! They were both troopers and ended up in the water. It was high tide that night so it was definitely a struggle to pose calm and get out of the water. Although it was busy that night we were able to take pics away from the crowd and really connect. I am glad I’ve met these two, I feel like every client I work with has been a blessing. All so nice and so genuine. After our shoot we said our goodbyes and they headed off to travel the coast! Also- they get married soon!! How cool to be able to travel before the big day, I wish you many years together. Congrats Lindsay and Ryan!

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