YASSSS!! It's wedding time!!

        This guide is gonna help your wedding day go so much smoother-because why not ACTUALLY enjoy your day?

        Congratulations on your wedding!! Now it's time for planning. I know first hand how stressful planning can be especially when you have to depend on others. I am excited that you have chosen me to be your photographer! This means more to me than you know, trust is a huge role that is taken on between us three. I hope you find this summary to be the first way that I choose to show it.

        This is a quick summary of tips that can help your day go super smooth and efficiently. This is not meant to be stressful nor pressuring. This is just so you and your new hubby can get the most time together without losing that "dinner time." Most couples never get to enjoy their time together at the wedding, but not my couples. Carefree is how you want to feel essentially on that day. Please know that you can reach out to me anytime before the wedding, whether that be a year from now or 2 weeks, CONTACT ME! Please do not hesitate with any questions/concerns/venting.

        What to Expect

        Step 1

        -Sign contract
        -Engagement Photoshoot
        -Scheduled meeting (person or phone)
        -Become BFF's

        Step 2

        -I follow you around all day with a camera #stalker but not creepy

        Step 3

        -50 photo preview within 1 week
        -Full gallery delivered online within 4 weeks
        -We all cry together remembering the beauty of your day
        -You frame photos

        Unplugged Weddings

        This is something I am super passionate about! I have seen wedding pictures when guests' whip out their phone and it is there forever even after editing your images. Do you want that? I don’t think so. And here are the 2 main reasons why.
        1. The photos I take will be filled with your guests phones and just looks plain bad.
        2. More importantly, it distracts your guests from the real reason they are there. To witness and support the joint together of two people in marriage.
        To have an unplugged wedding, just make it clear to your guests that this is the expectation. Most people use a sign or have the officiant make an announcement.

        Family Photos

        Family photos can either make or break the day in my opinion. If disorganized it can waste time and cause you to miss out on photographing other events. When it is organized nothing can go wrong even under a time crunch. 

        1. Please make sure that your family knows exactly when we will be taking photos and where. The best way to ensure this happens is to have your officiant inform your family post ceremony that you would appreciate it if they stated in their seats so family photos can start promptly
        2. Please assign a person that knows both sides of the family well who can assist me while we are taking family photos. I will have a list of what you want, but it helps to have someone there that can help show me who is who.
        3. I have compiled a list of family photos that works for the average wedding. Please add and take away groupings you want photographed. I usually have the list emailed to me anyway so if I have a second shooter they will help call out as well. It is best to be prepared in all circumstances. 

        Brides immediate Family, Brides immediate family + grandparents, Brides Siblings, Brides Parents, Bride and Mom, Bride and Dad, Both Bride and Grooms parents , Grooms immediate family, Grooms immediate family + grandparents, Grooms siblings, Grooms parents, Groom and mom, Groom and dad

        Bridal Photoshoot

        A bridal session is pretty much another excuse for you to get dressed back up in your wedding garb (maybe get some pretty flowers), and go to the most epic place you can think of for the most beautiful photos of your life! Where we go is completely up to you! I have bridal shoots all over the world so nothing is off the table!

        Aside from the fact that you will receive the most incredible photos, there are a few other things that make bridal shoots so special:

        -It is a great opportunity to share your personal vows privately (maybe in a place that is super special to you two).

        - You don’t care as much about getting the dress dirty because you already had your wedding anyway! We can adventure to any location your heart desires! #trashthedress

        - Create another epic memory with your forever BFF! DUH!